My govt’ll be first to have Governor live in government house 33 years after Anambra creation – Soludo

 Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo has reiterated his commitment to turn the state to a livable and prosperous homeland.

He said with the ongoing transformation of the state, particularly in the state capital, his tenure would be the first time governor of the state would be living in government house.

Soludo revealed this on Saturday after participating in the monthly Solution Walk For Healthy Living held at the State stadium, Awka.

He promised demolition of more properties in Awka to get the place look like a city in Dubai-Twain of his dream

Soludo also assured that every kobo his government generated would be judiciously used to build sustainable development for the good of the people.

He said, “After the demolition of some property, Awka will be built to the status of a real State capital where everybody will be proud.

“Awka will be the real capital and by next year, when Anambra state will be 33 years old, the governor of the state, for the first time will live in Awka, in the government house.

“Those living in Awka, we will demolish Awka and build a befitting capital for us. We will also build a flyover across the highway in Awka.”

While restating his passion about building sustainable human capital development, Soludo urged the youth to work hard to earn a decent living, stressing that Ndi Anambra celebrate hard work and not criminality.

He also challenged youths undergoing training under the “One Youth Two Skills programme” to take it serious as it could be their breakthrough in life.

“My government is determined to impact positively on the lives of the youths and the people of the state

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