Anambra’s Tech Renaissance: 100 youths set to conquer digital frontier

…The lucky youths are made up of twenty seven females and seventy three males

One hundred Anambra youths have completed the selection process to undergo extensive training in software engineering beginning in July 2023.

Over 1,700 applicants from Anambra registered for the Decagon Software Engineering Training Program, facilitated through a VCO Foundation’s N400 million guarantee. 

The lucky youths are made up of twenty seven females and seventy three males, all under the age of 30.

Decagon Institute’s acclaimed training program has garnered attention for its PAY AFTER YOU LEARN option. It imparts essential software engineering skills and provides accommodation, meals, laptops, and a vibrant community of fellow software engineers. 

Global CEO Valentine Ozigbo, the Founder of VCO Foundation, spoke about the partnership’s achievements saying, “We stand today at the threshold of a new dawn for Ndi Anambra. Through our ground-breaking collaboration with Decagon Institute, we are empowering the dreams and aspirations of our youth through this transformative journey.” 

“The sheer brilliance of the 1700 applicants is a testament to the boundless potential in Nigeria’s youth. 

“What we are marking here with this partnership with Decagon is not a milestone but an awakening of possibilities, a celebration of the talent that resides in every corner of our beloved land. 

“Anambra is unimaginably wealthy, and its greatest treasure is its people, and the creme-de-la-creme of us is our youth. 

“We are humbled to be sowing the seeds of technology and education in our greatest treasure and waiting eagerly for the harvest of progress that is sure to follow,” Ozigbo declared.

On his part, Mr Chika Nwobi, CEO of Decagon Institute said, “VCO Foundation’s N400 million guarantee is a game-changer, ensuring this enriching programme is accessible to talented individuals irrespective of their financial standing. We are grateful for the generosity of Valentine Ozigbo, a true trailblazer and champion for the youth.”

The first batch of 70 trainees is set to commence their training at the Decagon Edo Campus on July 13, 2023 with the remaining 30 joining in late August or early September.

This initiative represents a monumental stride towards bridging the skills gap and fostering diversity in the tech realm for the indigenes of Anambra. 

For more insights into the trailblazing journey VCO Foundation and Decagon Institute are embarking upon, please visit and

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