Jirga Resolves 20-Year Long Awaited Land dispute in Landikotal

LANDIKOTAL: Local Jirga resolved two decads long property dispute between two cousins hailing fro  a renowned religious family in Ashkhel village in Landikotal on Saturday.

Sayed Suliman Benuri, who is the member of Youth  Parliment of Pakistan, told this scribe that they had land dispute with their cousin Sayed Muhammad Umar Benuri and his brothers. He said the case was in the court for the past several years but could not came to its end.He said many times it caused clashes and scuffles with each other. 

Suliman said they were very thankful of the tribal jirga who within a short period of time resolved the long awaited land dispute due to which their time and money wasted.

The Jirga memebers were consisted of Awami National Party(ANP) leader Ayub Shinwari, Istihkam-e- Pakistan district Khyber president Muhammad Islam Shinwari, the Qari Ejaz, Qari Najmuddin,Haji  Nisar,Farid Shinwari and others.

 Sayed Taufiq Benuri and Sayed Muhammad Benuri,the two rival cousins, praised the role of jirga and said that they accepted the jirga decision whole heartedly and would remain peaceful.

They said a road in the village and a pedastrian path were also remained closed for years due to the land dispute. 

Suliman applauded the jirga efforts said that the goverement must strengthen tribal jirga that gave them a quick remedy in a long awaited dispute.

He said the situation could have gone to gun conflict and hostilities between the cousins’ families if not resolved.

Meanwhile, Sayed Muhammad Umar Benuri and his relatives along with the jirga members reopened the road after twenty years in general public interest.

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