735 Tons LPG Imported From Russia

…The LPG brought to Uzbekistan from Russia by rail, will be transported in tanker trucks to Pakistan

TORKHAM: First cape long trailer trucks loaded with Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) reached Pakistan from Russia via Torkham border, custom officials said on Tuesday. 

Assistant Collector custom appraisment Hammad said that  21 trucks loaded with 735 tons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas entered Pakistan few days ago. He said the trucks were still parked at Torkham for documents clearance. He said as soon as the documentation process get cleared the trucks would proceed from Torkham.

He said the LPG had been brought to Uzbekistan from Russia by rail, wherefrom it was further transported in tankers trucks to Pakistan.  

Pakistan had signed a deal with Russian under which Russia will export one billion tons LPG to Pakistan.

Foreign currency seized: Custom authorities seized ten thousands United States dollars being smuggled to Afghanistan. Customs officials said during routine checking they recovered ten thousands dollars from the possession of Waqar,a Pakistani national, and arrested him.

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