Over 1000 students compete for Chandelle Olympiad Academy awards, scholarships

…the competition is part of Chandelle Olympiad Academy’s initiative to nurture young minds

A total of 1017 students from 102 schools across Nigeria and diaspora participated in the 2023 Let It Shine literacy competition organised by Chandelle Olympiad Academy.

The annual competition, is part of the Academy’s initiative targeted at nurturing young minds and promoting culture of learning.

Speaking during the event, Chandelle group President, Kosiso Edwards said candidates were selected after undergoing preliminary mock examination to determine the best from the massive number that applied.

She said, “A lot of students have potentials but the nation’s dwindling academic system scarcely provide opportunity for them to demonstrate those potentials. 

“Chandelle academy has come to bridge that gap and provide students the platform to showcase their abilities, as well as instill pride and ownership of themselves. A child that’s not good in mathematics can do well in English or Poetry. 

“Last year we started with 372 candidates from about 50 schools, and states like Niger, Cross River didn’t participate. But this year, we have over 1000 students from Calabar, Kaduna, Lagos, Minna, among others cities in Nigeria and diaspora.

“For this competition, we have Anambra, Delta, Edo, Kaduna, Niger, Lagos, Calabar, Portharcourt, Imo and Abia. After the Preliminary Test, the number of candidates reduced to 92 schools with 383 candidates.

“For Anambra alone, 25 schools with 250 students sat for the competition. The participants had filled their details after logging into the link on our website. 

“Best 6 were selected to represent each of schools after writing mock exam. For schools that run both primary and secondary, we selected 10 from each school. 

“The exam is conducted digitally (Computer Based Test) and the results will be accessed in a week’s time while the price is #1million for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners. We also have consolation prizes for 4th to 10th position. 

“As per the scholarship, 7 candidates were awarded scholarships during our last year award ceremony held in Awka, Anambra State capital. 

“This year’s award ceremony will be in Portharcourt where about 33 candidates have already been shortlisted for scholarships awards. The scholarship is termly, but can be renewed if the student’s performance improves.”

National and International competition’s Coordinator, Grundtvig Int School, Oba, Anambra State, Ndange Rudolf described as rare privilege opportunity offered the school to host the competition, expressing confidence that the students from the school would win the prize.

“It’s a great privilege to host the competition. We provided internet access facilities and laptops for the students. 

“We believe in competition because it triggers learning habits among students. We have six students participating and we’re confident that all of them will make it.

One of the participants, Joshua Okafor expressed confidence of coming out best in the competition in view of his antecedents in previous contests and level of preparations for the current competition.

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