Most acclaimed miracles are fake, Prophet Uzukwu declares

…says most church leaders bastardizing the efforts and sacrifice of Jesus

The Spiritual Head of Soul Revival Outreach Nnewi, Anambra State, Prophet Iyke Uzukwu on Sunday stirred the hornets’ nest when he said most of acclaimed miracles in the pentecostal churches are fake.

Prophet Uzukwu said that many church goers are running from pillar to post because they are not grounded in the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

He observed that the church is being thrown into confusion in the present dispensation because most of the church leaders are bastardizing the efforts and sacrifice of Jesus, the Apostles and early believers for filthy lucre.

“Their efforts have been reduced to child’splay because many clergymen are not really committed to the messages of making christians go to heaven, their major concern is how to make more money off the uninformed followers. Many christians and youths  no longer attend church services because they have seen through the smokescreen of the supposed leaders who are only concerned about how their bank account would grow fatter. They rather go to football pitches and even the market on Sundays when they are supposed to be in church.

“If you ask anyone of them why they are not going to church again, they will not hesitate to tell you that they are tired of contributing money to the pastor and his family for nothing. If nothing is done and urgently so, Christianity will lose taste, 

“Church money belongs to God, it should not be tampered with for non church projects, many clergymen are occults hypnotizing their members, and on the long run lead their members to both physical and spiritual death. What we see in today’s Christianity is strange doctrines alien to the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Many leaders preach against occultism and witchcraft but practice the samething behind the altar.

“The most organized and disciplined churches are the Catholic and the Anglican church, the pentecostal church is the worst. In catholic church, if a Rev Fr misbehaves, the Bishop will discipline him, the samething is applicable in the Anglican church but in pentecostal churches, once you become GO, GS and so on, they answer to no one. Every clergy in pentecostal is the boss. A Catholic or Anglican priest spends four to six years in Theology school under a disciplined guidance and environment. This is grossly lacking in pentecostal pastors development.

“Most people become pentecostal clergies because their businesses collapsed, they then visit seers who claim to be pastors who will inturn tell them to join the vineyard of God, and answer God’s call to be safe. Most of the new believers are not subjected to proper training before renting shops and warehouses and to them church business has started.”

Prophet Uzukwu said as a matter of fact that God does not disturb anyone who refuses to answer his call noting that God did not disturb Apostle Paul and other early christians who willingly abandoned their thriving businesses to be involved in Ministry work after genuine encounter with Christ.

“If the Bible says brethren, I wish you sound health and prosperity, how can God contradict himself by attacking someone’s business. It is ‘agwunsi, offor’ or marine spirit, false god spirit that disturbs and forces obidience. Clergies should know that everyone in the planet Earth come to do God’s will. God does not live in churches again but in human vessels. 

“Some churches are praying for their enemies to die, the Bible makes us to understand that the only enemy Christians have is the devil and his demons, a neighbor and family members cannot be the enemies. God’s wish is that christians love their neighbors and not wish them death. Churches have become source of noise pollution and anyone who complains is tagged occult. Ruwanda government closed over five hundred churches, they said that they needed companies and industries and not plenty churches.” Prophet Uzukwu explained.

The Nnewi based prophet noted that many clergies believe they can do anything and go scot-free, the situation which he said is responsible for criminals dressing up like clergies to perpetrate criminalities.

The Head of Soul Revival Outreach however insisted that every problem has a solution and that anything a person is doing in the light, someone in the dark must see such.

Prophet Uzukwu appealed to the Anambra State Governor, Prof Charles Soludo and other forward looking Governors to engage him for the purpose of ending all the nefarious rascalities and messes  going on in the name of churches everywhere.

Asked on what he intends to do about the development, the fiery prophet said he would not disclose what he would do but added that it has been revealed to him.

“If I fail to sanitize and reveal the identify of these fake pastors in eight weeks. I am ready to forfeit my acres of land in the state to any government that engages me. We must make our environment liveable and habitable.” He asserted.

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