DPO Praises Journalists Role For Peace

LANDIKOTAL: District Police Officer (DPO) Khyber Salim Abbas Kalachi on Thursday said that journalists were key stakholders of a society and their role could not be ignored for moral and social development of a nation.

DPO said this while visiting Khyber Press club in Landikotal.

 Salim Abbas Kalachi without any doubt journalists affiliated with Khyber Press Club had played a vital vibrant role against all social evils. He said they encourage postive criticisim and would take journalist’s view points on board. 

“After sacrifices rendered by security forces and police journalists sacrfices will be rememered in golden words in the history”, said DPO.Adding that peace has been restored in ex-Fata with the balanced reporting of journaists.

Kalachi said that they appreciate impartial reporting of Landikotal journalists in militancy. 

He said journalists of ex-Fata had played an important role in the restoration of peace and harmony in the area.

He said journalists had always tried hard to solve the problems of the ordinary people by bringing them to the government and district institutions, which have proved to be important for the development of the area. 

DPO Salim Abbas said they would continue to cooperate because many irregularities were addressed by mutual cooperation.  

DPO offered prayers for the departed souls of journalists hailed from Landikotal.

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