Kanu’s continued detention ploy to push Ndigbo to physical combat – Archbishop          

Archbishop of Okigwe Archdiocese, Methodist Church Nigeria and Bishop of Okigwe Diocese, His Grace, Most Rev. Biereonwu Livinus Onuagha has raised the alarm over what he termed premeditated injustice against Igbo race in Nigeria.

He also described continued detention of leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the outcome of the recently concluded presidential election as ploy to anger the Igbo nation into physical combat.

He however said Ndigbo would remain law abiding and had taken their case and faith with Nigeria nation with the proverbial stance of “he who take a child’s belonging and raises up his hand, when the hand starts paining him, he will bring it down”

He also cautioned Judiciary to view the outcome of the ongoing presidential election tribunal as a text case for them, warning that they should not accept that they are so corrupt and cheap, that people should commit atrocities steal others mandate and have the effrontery to tell those they cheated or stole their mandate to go to court because they claim to have the judiciary in their pockets.

Speaking while delivering his presidential address at the 42nd annual Synod of Methodist Church, Onuagha warned that unless Nigeria and Nigerians stop their premeditated injustice against the Igbo race, Nigeria will never work and there is nothing that will make the country work optimally.

He however, suggested that if Nigeria will continue its premeditated injustice on the Igbo race, they should better allow the Igbo race have Biafra, to go and build themselves, saying that he has always supported the agitation for the self determination and Republic of Biafra because Nigerians do not want the Igbos to exist.

Archbishop Onuagha who disclose these in the presidential address he presented at the 42nd annual Synod of Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Okigwe, suggested that in future, any presidential election that is in contention, the swearing in of the president elect, should be suspended until the case is determined, saying that using state resources to pursue party matters is unacceptable.

According to him, “The Igbo man is the only nation builder I know in this country. Why I get more worried is the fact that Igbo man as selfless as he is, in his development of the nations, the Nigeria society hates him, do i say it again? Yes I think I should. The treatments against Ndigbo is the reason the marriage called Nigeria is simply not working and there is nothing that will make it work until they reverse the treatment mated on Igbo race.”

“What is happening in Nigeria today is the fulfillment of the biblical prophesy, as captured in Daniel Chapter 2. According to that prophesy, we are in the 4th empire made up of iron and clay,  remember, we have passed the golden age, the silver age, the bronze age and now iron and clay and there is no way they can mix, for me the marriage called Nigeria in biblical connotation simply can no longer stand.

“I will therefore, suggest that if Nigeria will continue to mate its premeditated injustice on Igbo race, the best thing is to allow Biafra to go to enable the Igbo race to go and build themselves, I have always supported the agitation for the self determination and Republic of Biafra because Nigerians do not want the Igbos to exist. Since we are not wanted, why not allow us to go.

“The 2023 election is a case point, where the mandate of the people was stolen in daylight robbery and yet people are finding ways and means to justify the injustice, this is an error. Worst still is the continued incaseration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who never committed any offense and yet the federal government is still holding him in prison after he was dully discharged by competent court in Nigeria.

“The continued detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is only a ploy to anger the Igbo nation into physical combat but the Igbo man has listened to the wise counsel of our legend Sir M. I Okpara of blessed memory who said the first fool is not a fool, but the second fool is a proper foolish.

“The recently concluded presidential election should be properly look into by the tribunal and the Supreme Court and those who cursed the Nigerian people who for the first time turned out enmass to vote in that mandate that was stolen and rigged, should be brought to book and jailed.

“The thought of mentioning the word professor has become a nightmare to the ordinary Nigerian. I thought, that word professor is for one who has attained the highest academic, moral and psychological excellence, but here in Nigeria professors are used in Nigeria to subvert the will of the people, it has become a a recurring decimal that is unexplainable.

“Why a highly educated professor of academic repute should who heads INEC, chicken out and disgrace his family and the entire nation is still only known to him. Eight years ago it was Prof. Attahiru Jega who sold us into the worst government I have ever seen, today is Mamood Yakubu, unfortunately these professors are of Northern extraction.

“The only credible elections conducted in this nation after the return of democracy have been those of Prof. Humphrey Nwosu, and Prof. Maurice Iwu, and it seems the Igbo man has the answer to Nigeria’s problem’s as recently professors again if Igbo extraction stood their grounds not to steal the mandate of the people in Abia and Enugu States.

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