CPDI, US Consulate organize First Aid training for journalists

PESHAWAR: Centre for Peace and Development Initiative(CPDI)in collaboration with US consulate Peshawar on Tuesday arranged a day long First Aid training  for journalists.

Senior Rescue-1122 officer Inayatur Rehman was the resource person who taught about the journalists response at time of emergency.He said two major steps had to be taken at the time emergency. He added that first to stop bleeding and clear breathing way and perform cardiopulmnomary Resusciation(CPR). 

Inayat said as first responder journalists must try to immediately stop bleeding of wounded persons and call Rescue 1122. He said Internal and external bleeding usually occure when someone get injured in gun fire, bomb blasts,traffic accidents and earth quake. He said first journalists must asses the danger at the incident site. 
The participants were demonstrated the techniques that how to stop acute blood flow, measures of fracture and vital signs, artificial respiration and how to restore heart beating.

Inayatur Rehman said they should focus on two major causes of death like Severe Hemorrhage and Inadequate airway management).

CPDI Project Manager Noor Alam Khan said while talking to the participants said that the knowledge and skills of journalists were limited regarding the basic principles of first aid and life saving. He said much of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was riddled with conflict where journalists and media workers expose to various threats. He said journalist need to be trained about the first aid service so that they could help injured persons at rime of emergency..

He said the main objective of the First Aid training was to improve the first aid skills of media professionals in case of injury so that they can help themselves and other injured colleagues. 

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