Peter Obi Supporters for 100m-man match ahead Presidential election

Supporters of Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), have planned to embark on a historical One Hundred million man (100m),  match across the 36 states of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

This unique final push for sensitization and awakening of national consciousness ahead the next weekend’s Feb 25,2023 presidential poll is being organized by the Peter Obi Support Network(POSN) in conjunction with all supporters and friends of the Obidatti International Movement.

According to a statement by the National Coordinator of POSN, “.. the 100 million man match is to stamp our feet on grounds for a New Nation built on equity, justice, and service.

The statement read, “Today, we make a new call to all Obidients to prepare to march in our grand rally this Saturday, 18th February, 2023. 

“The OBIDIENTS GOOD GOVERNANCE GLOBAL 100M MARCH is a statement of our renewed hope and undying love for Nigeria. 

“It is platform for expression of our determined hope to save Nigeria from the hands of political marauders whose time has come to an end. It is the stamps of our feet on the grounds of a new nation built on equity, justice, and service.

” We call on all Obidients to come out en masse and lend their voices to this song of our future and freedom. 

“Information on locations and routes will be made available on Obidients platforms and on social media.

” We will also make available phone numbers for efficient communication and guidance. For those in Abuja City center, the march will begin from the Unity Fountain and close at the City Gate. 

“We call on all our brothers and sisters nationwide to make themselves available at the designated locations in their states as Yuseful Obidients. We are determined to see a New Nigeria rise these ashes. May God help us.  “

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