Soludo’s Attacks On Obi At Variance With Igbo Ideals – Ex-Anambra Market Leader, Odife

Former President-General of Anambra State Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA), Mr. Sylvester Odife Jnr. has accused Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State of pursuing ideals and ideology which are at variance with that of Ndigbo.

Odife in a statement said since Soludo’s  ascendancy to office, his actions seemed to suggest that he is not  in conformity with the goals of  Ndigbo.

“First of all, Soludo started to do everything possible to stop sit-at-home undermining the factor that ignited it.

“He went ahead to obtain authority from power that be to use soldiers to wipe out criminals in  the forest of Anambra State but after that operations it is only him who knows how many criminals they killed”.

Odife who also was the chairman of Onitsha Main Market Traders’ Union (OMMATU) said the market leader, also boasted that the  operation  was successful. 

“As if that was not enough, he demonstrated the highest venom against Ndigbo and Nigerians in general  when he said a lot of unprintable  words against Nigeria’e  hopeful Presidential candidate in the person of Peter  Obi (Okwute Ndi Nigeria) whose rising profile is divine, very  unprecedented , never seen  in the history of Nigeria”.

Odife said he recalled that   Late  Senate President, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo did similar thing  to the  Great Zik of Africa, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, lamenting that Soludo   forgot  to  see the spiritual aspect of Obi’s unprecedented rise  in profile politcally.

 “When you speak against  him,   the rising popularity will alarmingly increase.  That  shows the Grace of God is upon  him”said Odife.

Ironically, said Odife, Soludo who wanted Ndigbo to stop Monday Sit -at -home for Nnamdi Kanu, has turned around to tell  Federal Government that  releasing Nnadi Kalu is panacea for peace in South  East.

The   latest, he said,  is that he is currently erecting  a giant bill board at Awka  for Nnamdi Kanu.

“But the  question is why is it now that the election is barely few weeks to go? The erection  is  to  reduce the popular votes  of  Obi in the South East. l want to remind Prof. Soludo   that  when  the grace of God is  upon a person,  what ever any  other person  is doing is like pouring water on a brick wall. 

Please my  Governor,  Nigerians,  both at  home and in  diaspora have decided. The  retired Generals who fought for the unity of  this  country  have echoed their endorsement for  Obi.  Nigerians  see him as their last hope . Youth, men and women see him as their only hope” Odife said.

Odife whose father was  a lawmaker in the Second Republic,  founder of Onitsha Markets Amalgamated Traders Association (OMATA) and its Secretary General,  said God  in Peter Obi is giving Nigerians  the  last chance, saying  ” He found  Peter  Obi as a worthy  vessel  of  honour  to  use to  liberate us  from the misdeeds of the past and present leaders of the country such as : corruption , injustices ,nepotism.. favouritism. inequalities”. .

He said: “Obi symbolises the hope for the oppressed NIgerians. He has the competence, character  and will power to navigate the country out  of its myriads of problems”.

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