Elections: Group mobilizes public servants for effective engagement with candidates

Center for strategic leadership and youth orientation (CENSTLEYO) has mobilized the public servants in Anambra South senatorial zone for effective engagement with candidates from different political parties.

The mobilization program took place at the popular Ekwueme Hall in Uru, Umudim-Nnewi Anambra State.

In his opening remarks, the Founder of CENSTLEYO, Mr Felix Imah pointed out that electorates are not properly engaging with the duty bearers so as to get the best from them.

He said as a matter of fact that what Nigerians do in most cases is to sing, clap and dance for politicians who do not have their interest at heart.

Mr Imah expressed worry that after failing to properly engage the candidates of different political parties, the electorates then resort to crying to God for help when God has already given them power to elect a person of their choice.

“Most of the complaints made by people about government policies and inactions are sometimes caused by the people themselves, a politician will not know that he is not doing well until he is told by a brave person or group of persons.

“People should change their attitude immediately about leadership especially when election is concerned, people should even be more interested in the election and emergence of political leaders than the politicians because the people will eventually bear the brunt of their failures at the end of the day.” He explained.

The National Program Director of the group, Comrade Uche Madubuko in his presentation urged the electorates to develop a charter of demand which would be presented to political office seekers before the elections.

Comrade Madubuko noted that it on the basis of the charter that the political office holders would be assessed.

“It becomes difficult when the members of the public are not making any demand on political office holders and other duty bearers, it is because of the absence of such that a person who did not do anything to alleviate the sufferings of the electorates would still have the gut to seek reelection without any sense of shame.” He explained.

The national project director of CENSTLEYO reminded the public servants that the politicians would always pursue the agenda inimical to the growth and development of the society except they form themselves into an organized group to give sense of direction to duty bearers.

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