2023 Presidency: Open all Ndigbo markets in Lagos or I campaign against you all over Nigeria, Nnewi prophet threatens Tinubu

2023 Presidency: Open all Ndigbo markets in Lagos or I campaign against you all over Nigeria, Nnewi prophet threatens Tinubu

An Nnewi based prophet, Bro Iyke Uzukwu says he would campaign against the presidential ambition of the All Progressives Congress(APC) standard bearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu except all the markets closed in Lagos because most traders therein are Ndigbo are reopened.

Bro Uzukwu, the Spiritual Head, Soul Revival Outreach Nnewi Anambra State who was speaking with journalists on Sunday said that the way Ndigbo are being intimidated in Lagos is unfair and unacceptable noting that ASPAMDA, Trade fair and Ladipo markets that are shut without provocation by Lagos State government are occupied mostly by Igbo traders who constitute over 98 percent of the trading population.

The Nnewi prophet said that it is certain that the closure of the affected markets are politically motivated noting that the question that readily comes to mind is whether the APC presidential candidate is the owner of Lagos.

“Ndigbo are constantly intimidated all over the country as if they don’t have a say in Nigeria project, whenever they rise in defense of their political and economic interest, people from other geopolitical zones will be accusing them of beating war drum. Let me say this and with all sense of responsibility that nobody can intimidate Ndigbo because God is with them.

“The other time, it was Tinubu’s wife who was threatening the Igbos in Lagos because they are not in support of her husband presidential ambition. Tinubu and family should tell us if Igbo are slaves in Lagos or Nigeria who do not have mind of their own. They should tell us why the Igbo should not aspire to become the president of Nigeria or support a candidate of their choice.” Bro Uzukwu quipped.

He said the attitude of Lagos State government is an indication of the kind of government the APC candidate will occasion in Nigeria if he becomes the president of Nigeria.

“Someone once said that Tinubu will bring on board the Gen. Sanni Abacha kind of governance which he fought tooth and nail if he makes it to Aso Roxk Villa. We don’t want such kind of governance in Africa again. Never! Afenifere said it is the turn of South East to produce Nigeria President, why is it difficult for Tinubu to align himself with the people of goodwill that constitute the pan Yoruba group. If Tinubu cannot support Igbo presidency, how does he think Ndigbo will support him.

“Tinubu said that the Bible and Quran is not fighting in his bedroom, we expect him to demonstrate the authenticity of his claims in the public. Muslim Muslim ticket as put forward by APC cannot fly in Nigeria. President Muhamadu Buhari, Christian leaders, South West, Middlebelt and South South groups as well as Islamic scholars have all condemned the combination in secular state.

“I still remember vividly that Tinubu was screened out of the APC presidential primary at the initial stage until he allegedly threatened to bring to the public parlance a secret that would bring down APC government and he was quickly re admitted. The same person is having so many cases hanging on his neck, a good example is the killing of many young men and women at Lekki Toll Gate. The blood of those youths cut short in their prime is still crying for vengeance.” He said.

Bro Uzukwu appealed to President Buhari to as a matter national importance and urgency investigate all the allegations against the APC presidential candidate and tell Nigerians the truth around those allegations.

The Nnewi prophet said emphatically that it is not the turn of Bola Ahmed Tinubu to become the president but the turn of Ndigbo to produce the nation’s president.

“If Tinubu has been fair to Ndigbo, he won’t have to beg or coerce them for support, they are good people who normally reciprocate favor done to them, Engr Joe Igbokwe was actually the one who taught me how to stand up for the Igbo in one of his books not minding his new found passion for the enemies of Ndigbo, my take on who should become Nigeria’s president in 2023 is that Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC candidate and Mr Peter Obi of Labour Party should go for a long walk, whoever that wins in the long distance trekk should be the president because anyone who is not physically fit cannot be mentally fit to handle the complexities that go with governance of Nigeria.”. He asserted.

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