2023 poll: NOA preaches peace, urges youths, political class to eschew violence

2023 poll: NOA preaches peace, urges youths, political class to eschew violence

National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Anambra State has cautioned youths in the state against all forms of violence and embrace peace to ensure unprecedented growth and development of the state.

The State Director, Sir Joseph Uchendu gave the advice on Tuesday in a press conference on peace building and stabilization advocacy, tagged, “Building a People of Peace”.

He also called on political actors to cherish and value peace, which he said, remained one of the core values comprising Nigeria’s moto: Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.

Describing justice as cardinal and paramount to peaceful resolution of conflicts, Uchendu said the campaign was necessary following social conflicts arising from the recently concluded election.

He said, “Definitely, after such contests, one would expect to see people divided along like and dislike divides concerning the outcome. 

“As an agency with attitudinal change as one of our mandates, we can’t just fold our arms and watch the society which is basically plural, polarized beyond measure.

“This campaign is to remind all of us that peace and utilization of peaceful processes should guide all our actions in conflict resolutions.

“The basic raison d’etre for the preeminence of peace in society is that violence and violent processes snowball into social upheaval which does one any good.

“Yes, conflicts can exist as a result of injustice. But the way you manage and resolve them is what matters. No matter the level of provocation, it’s always better to resolve through peaceful processes.

“Government on its part is expected to ensure individuals are given their due, while the governed are expected to be responsible by obeying laws of the land and following due process.

“Youthful segment of our population can’t be undermined. Statistics has it that youths form over 70%. We encourage them to continue adopting peace and peaceful processes. 

“Parents and other stakeholders have critical roles to play in remolding our youths. If they don’t channel their energy properly, they’ll become instruments in pepetuating violence.”

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