Ebola Resurgence: FCTA ups disease surveillance system

…says there is already an outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo, with so much consequences from quite a number of deaths

Following reported cases of the resurgence of Ebola and other communicable diseases, the Federal Capital Territory Administration, has tightened its disease surveillance system in order to minimise its impact on the Territory.

The Director of the FCT Public Health Department, Dr. Sadiq Abdulrahaman, revealed this while briefing the media in Abuja on the readiness and response of the FCTA health sector.

As a result, staff of the Epidemiological Division of the Public Health Department have been placed on red alert under the supervision of the FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat. 

According to Sadiq, the FCT is on a high alert mode, though it is yet to witness any serious outbreak of the diseases within the year ending.

He added that there was a periodic or weekly review done in conjunction with partners of the Administration, like the World Health Organisation, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, and Disease Surveillance and Notification officers, who were key foot soldiers at the Area Councils level.

“For Ebola viral disease, which is a big global disease of public health concern, though it is not yet witnessed in Nigeria except for the last case in 2014, but we are aware that there is already an outbreak in DR Congo, with so much consequences from quite a number of deaths, and closure of schools. So, here (in the FCT), we have executed a high alert mode even though we have not witnessed any case yet. So, proactive measures have been taken,” he said. 

Sadiq also said the FCTA had purchased commodities to contain the diseases, particularly in areas of the territory,  most affected by the outbreak, including AMAC, Kuje and Bwari.

“Our surveillance system is heightened, and the FCT Administration bought quite a number of commodities, particularly for these key diseases like Cholera that we witnessed in 2021. We went on advocacy visits to key stakeholders especially in those Area Councils that had high potent of the disease during the outbreak such as AMAC, Kuje and Bwari,” he added.

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