Aba: Cult Group Kills MC, Two Others

A popular Master of Ceremony (MC), 23, known as “Thunder”, has reportedly been killed in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State.

“Thunder” was an indigene of Ehime Mbano in Imo State but resided with his parents at Omuma area in Aba North Local Government Area of the state

Unverified reports have it that his killers were members of Aye secret cult group. It was gathered that the same group also responsible for the death of two other persons in Aba, around the St. Eugene Catholic Church area and World Bank Housing Estate.

A source at Omuma who narrated the killing of “Thunder” said “at about 7:30pm, some boys numbering over thirty appeared from nowhere. They were dressed in black cloth bearing different kinds of guns and dangerous weapons including knives and axes came into our street.

“A lot of people became scared because those guys look mean. Some people who were drinking at various drinking joints scampered for their safety, leaving their drinks while some shop owners in apprehension ran into their shops to hide.

“Seeing the tension their presence has caused, one of them turned and assured us that they didn’t come for us and that we shouldn’t fear.

“According to him we are going to hear the outcome of their presence in our area before morning.

“Getting to Ehime by Osusu, they released one gunshot; a lot of people there had to scamper for safety.

“Shortly, we heard that there is unrest at Omuma road. When the information filtered into our area, a lot of shop owners started parking and closing their shops to avoid being caught in the web of shooting which has become synonymous with the area in the past weeks and months between rival cults.

“Some of us who summoned courage started heading for Omuma road. By the time we got close to Omuma road, we saw running in different directions with guns renting the air.

“Because we don’t know where the gunshots were coming from, we decided to anchor at a place. It was later that we discovered that a popular MC among the locals identified as “Thunder” was shot in front of his father’s compound.

“They said that the guy has been on the run for a long time and that they have been trailing him as well.

“Some of the residents of the area said that the guy just came back that night to get some clothes he will wear to go for his MC work before he was killed in front of his father’s gate.

“The father was said to have gone for a condolence visit and was on his way back home and was greeting someone near their house when the incident happened. He was among the people who ran for their safety not knowing it was his son that was killed.

“The guy we learnt was taken to his village in Ehime Mbano, Imo State for his burial.

“We also learnt that the same group also killed someone around St. Eugene that same night

“The same group also killed someone around Father Tansi World Bank Housing Estate.”

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