See the Housemate ready to leave Big Brother Naija House this Week

By: Abimbola Adelakun

If you think you can cope with drama, a week in the Big Brother Naija House will teach you otherwise.

When our Housemates were entering the house, they looked all fired up to give us drama and that’s what they’ve been doing but it seems some of them can no longer cope with it.

Big Brother housemate Lucy has broken down because of all the drama and problems she has been facing. It all got worse during when she got elected as Head of House in week 2.

The housemates paid her no regard and that really frustrated her. She also admitted that the whole drama between housemates is getting too much for her to handle and she wouldn’t mind getting evicted so as to have peace of mind.

While entering the Big Brother House, you might be tough but the house will humble you.

It’s really a game of the survival of the fittest.

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