Lockdown: We’re yet to receive any palliatives from Obiano – CAN

…It’s a lie, Obiano

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Anambra state has accused Governor Willie Obiano of sidelining the body in the scheme of things in the state.

It said the body was yet to receive any palliatives from the government since emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic and its attendant lockdown.

Speaking to newsmen weekend in Awka, the Chairman of the body, Rev. John Ndubisi also alleged the sudden suspension of pilgrimage sponsorship of members of the body since four years ago.

He said the most worrisome aspect of the development was the accusation from some of his members who thought he had received some items from the government which he diverted.

Ndubisi said efforts to convince the governor to extend the palliatives to the CAN block were futile, as he claimed to be working with Presidents General of the various communities in the state.

He said, “It’s quite pity and disheartening that the state governor sidelined CAN in the state during the heat of the Covid-19 cum lockdown. He didn’t give any palliatives to CAN, we didn’t get any greenlight at all.

“I did my best to see whether I could garner anything from the government, nothing, until now. The little we have done is by the good spirited individuals and the church fathers in the state.

“It’s quite unfortunate that in Anambra state, the place Christianity first landed in Igbo land we’re experiencing things like these. It’s an afront.

“I called him during the heat of the lockdown and he said he’s not doing anything through the church. That he has chosen to work with the PGs of the communities and had given them the palliatives to share.

“The church and the ministers were seeking for bailout because it was hard on them and they were calling on me here and there. Some were even accusing me whether I have received from the governor and chosen to hide or hoard whatever the governor gave to me.

“Heaven knows that nothing was given to me from the government. CAN in other states benefitted. Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, all worked through the churches. It’s only Anambra that decided to work with the PG personnel.

“I’m not against that, but the church should have been remembered. The church community are the same people giving him the solid support and we have the number. We’re majority, and we assist the government of the day and pray for the government almost on daily basis.

Asked if he was suspecting any foul play, the CAN helmsman said, “I don’t know wether he may have had a misleading information concerning CAN in the state.

“I think it has to do with someone’s perception of issues. I don’t know if he, along the line, had a new perception about the CAN and the church.

“This is not the only issue I could talk about. The pilgrim matter, since about four years now, he’s not sponsored anyone from the Christian community. He’s not given out that freedom like Peter Obi did and he too followed suit the first second year in his office.

“Since about four years now, he just drew the curtain. Nobody had gotten that entrance, no slots to CAN, CSN, CCN, PFN, etc, which had been the case years back. He met such arrangements and followed suit, but all of a sudden, he dropped.”

Yes, he supports the schools within the CSN that is the Catholic and Anglican Churches. But I have questioned…I went to the Commissioner of Education and made my case, but she told me that these ones are the people who have mission schools before the war, which had been taken over by the government and later released.

So government is assisting them. Hence they have majority of the schools, that’s why the government is complimenting.

“I accepted the Commissioner defence. But I’m saying in my little mind to also give a little percentage to other blocks like the PFN and the OAIC and the ECWA, at least to reflect what at the federal level is called federal character.

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