Speculations Trail Iran’s Stance, Innocence in Ukrainian Airplane Crash

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By: Osatohanmwen Patrick

Speculations trail Iran’s stance and innocence in the crashed Ukrainian international airline flight PS752 over her refusal to handover the black box of the crashed flight that killed 176 people onboard, to countries capable of analyzing the black box.

     Following the technicality of the situation, the global aviation rule allows Iran civil aviation organization (CAO) to lead the investigation.

    The head of Iran civil aviation Ali Abedzadeh has stated “we will not give the black box to the manufacturer and the Americans” he stated. 

   Casualties were mostly Iranians and Canadians. Justin Trudeau Canadian prime minister has signaled his country’s interest in technical investigation on the black box saga.

  Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has suggested de-escalation of hostilities, he said, “Iran appears to be standing down”.

In an addressing to the American public, President Trump’s address which came hours after Iran fired missiles at military bases housing U.S forces in Iraq in retaliation for the slain general Soleimani.

He said, no casualty was recorded in the missiles attack, only minimal damages. Trump emphasize that us military are prepare for anything, as it ensures to fight down terrorism, that the days of terror tolerance are over.

   He said harsher economic sanctions are on for the Islamic Republic; this he said will remain till Iran addresses her actions on terrorism.

  Haven stated the much attack carried out by the slain General Qassem soleimani, said he should have been assassinated earlier, that “his death is a message to terrorist all over the world”.

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